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Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 10:04:38 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Rob and others,

Thank you for your response. Where is the line drawn between a soccer club and a church retreat or private workshop? What is the difference between them. Are your rental fees requested as donations?

As you may have seen in my other messages on the subject, our big concerns are liability (which I understand is different if you charge rent,) security, and theft/loss. Do you have any words of wisdom or suggestions on these matters?


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At Sharingwood we allow private use of the commonhouse. It has to be
scheduled 30 days in advance, all Sharingwood functions take precendent over private uses, and there has to be a Sharingwood member as the laison at all times, we do not rent out to non-Sharingwood functions like the local soccer
club, etc.  If the event is a non-family event, such as church retreat or
private workshop we charge a fee for the rental. Like many of our policies,
we started with a simple one, got some experience, then modified it later
based on our experiences. We have been allowing private use for about 5
years, It gets used privately maybe 10 times a year, and have had few
problems other than occaisional parking issues.

Rob Sandelin

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