RE: good coho intranet sites?
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 08:07:08 -0700 (PDT)
On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 Kathy Miller (mkathy10 [at] wrote:
> If you're looking for just a very simple way to do this, no bells &
> whistles, Yahoo groups are great....
I have reservations about Yahoogroups
I just had to respond to the message advocating yahoogroups. I've set up a
number of yahoogroups over the years but seldom do now. I've used mostly
the listserv aspects (from my observations most groups at Yahoo groups use
just the listserv part). I've moved several discussions away from
yahoogroups. I plan to eventually move most groups I have there. 
Unfortunately I dont have a complete, comparable alternative to suggest.
My reservations about yahoogroups include:
 1) all of the advertising is increasingly annoying to me
 2) Tho Yahoogroup features are relatively easy to use, when you need 
    help, support for group managers is very poor.  Questions and requests 
    generally go unanswered.
 3) Some specific listserv features:
     a) annoying like the lack of email notification to the listserv
        manager of "rejected messages"
     b) awkward, slow search of archives now (it's gotten worse).

Many ISP's - maybe the one that hosts your web site offer the the features
that Rick asked about tho they may take more study to learn how to use.
They will probably have more flexibility and features.  

For example a $75/year service with my ISP (which can be used from
anywhere and does not provide access, you'd need that separately) would
provide these facilities (advertising free)  See web page above for more
an embarassingly positive reccomendation of

My listserv facilities ( Communications for Justice )  
don't currently scale up to the number of lists that cohousing groups
could conceiveably use.  They are not "do it yourself" like Yahoo.  But
I'd be open to proposals. 


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