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Thanks for your input. We appreciate the willingness and openness of folks from other cmties as we trundle down the path to our own. I have a friend at your cmty. I'm guessing that OCC stands for Oak Creek Cohousing in Paso Robles. I visited Maggie and Joe there last Spring and that was part of what inspired our family to join in the Ashland Cohousing group.
cheers and best of everything,

On Sep 28, 2005, at 11:08 PM, OCC611ng wrote:

Our cohousing community of 36 homes is about 16 months old. When fully sold, we still had three unoccupied units. Two of these units eventually
were rented out.

The two renters are very active in our community, much more so than many of the owners. Both are single and have no family obligations which might take
their time and energy away from community affairs.

We have been very pleased with the degree of involvement of the renters in
community activities and decision making.  Our rules permit them to
participate in deliberations on proposals not requiring financing.  We
welcome them, and they reward us with their attention and valuable ideas.

Norm Gauss

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Hello all,

I am new to this list and part of the cohousing group forming in
Ashland,  OR  (Fordyce Street Cohousing Community).  We have a piece
of land purchased and are awaiting the outcome of an appeal to LUBA
so that we can commence with building.

Meanwhile, we have been discussing rental policy in committee
meetings and thought it would be helpful to ask other cohousing
groups, specifically smaller ones like ours (13 units), about their
experiences with renters.  The main concern we were hearing was that
if too many of the members are away at once and renting to other
folks, this could potentially create difficulties in maintaining the
spirit and operations of the community.  We would like to hear about
ways that rentals have worked well or not so well in smaller
communities so that we can better understand how renters might impact
our community.  Also, have groups found that there is a "critical
mass" of members required for the optimal functioning of the community?

thank you for your responses!

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