Re: rentals in small cmties
From: Bonnie Fergusson (
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 11:38:02 -0700 (PDT)
   We too have had very good luck for the most part
with renters in our community of 20 units, 1 of our
units has been rented for the last few years and we
also have one member who rents a room in his unit out.
 In both cases the various renters over the years have
participated in the community meals and workdays and
we have not had many problems with them.  In some
cases the renters have been sadly missed when they go
and we have sought to keep them involved.  We make the
owner responsible for $ collection for the common
dinners in the case of the room rental, and this is in
response to difficulty in collecting from a former
renter after they moved out.  I would imagine if you
got too high a proportion of renters it might be
different, certainly banks look disapprovingly on high
renter percentages in condo units, but at the 1 or 2
out of 20 level we have it hasn't been a problem.  It
helps that the owner who rents out his unit is very
involved in cohousing and has always sought to rent to
folk interested in and compatable with cohousing
               Swan's Market Cohousing

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