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Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 16:38:57 -0700 (PDT)

with Tree Bressen

Trainings in Nothern California

Starting November 17-20 at Pleasant Hill Cohousing

This program in consensus facilitation and group process skills is primarily designed for community members in facilitator roles within cohousing and other intentional communities built or forming. However, the skills learned will also be useful in a wide variety of other organizational contexts.

The design is for a series of weekends of 3+ days that include time for students to practice by facilitating real meetings of the host community, with Tree on hand in a coaching role and stepping in if necessary. By witnessing and facilitating actual live meetings, students will have the opportunity to signficantly deepen their facilitation and process skills. Each weekend will also include training time along with planning and debrief time related to specific meeting sessions.

The weekends will be scheduled approximately four times a year for two years (eight quarterly workshops in total), each one hosted by a different cohousing group in northern California. While it is not required for students to attend the entire eight session series, sustained attention will naturally be likely to yield higher results. In addition, for those who enroll for multiple weekends, Tree is willing to offer additional mentorship to help you focus on your development as a facilitator. However, you can also sign up for just one workshop, or take one and then decide about others later. Classes are expected to have 10-20 participants, with a maximum of 25.

If you have been wondering what to do when someone doesn't seem to be following the consensus process, how to handle it when two people who have "baggage" with each other get into an argument at the meeting, what to handle in the whole group vs. what to hand off to committees, how to give honest feedback in a way that connects rather than pushes away, how to do active facilitation that keeps the group on track, and more, this set of workshops can help you solve those challenges and boost your skills through roleplays, exploration, and live practice. For more information on the focus of each weekend, see the proposed schedule of topics at

Another expected outcome of this series is to create a pool of skilled facilitators within the region who can then support each others' communities as needs arise in the future.

These workshops are being offered on a "gift economy" basis, where you get to decide for yourself how much to pay. The registrar for the series is Sigal Shoham. Contact her at <sigalshoham [at]> or 510-712-5522 to enroll. She will send you a form to fill out by email or postal mail. Registration deadline for the first workshop is November 3.

Tree Bressen has worked with over two dozen cohousing and other intentional communities, while living in community herself for over a decade. She brings a deep experience and passion to this work, focused on supporting groups to put their ideals into action. Her workshops are consistently reviewed as lively, practical, and informative. Her website offers free articles, tools and resources. Tree is a founding member of Walnut Street Co-op in Eugene, Oregon.


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