Commonhouse tables....metal/wood/round/rectangle?
From: shelldemeo (
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 20:28:42 -0700 (PDT)

We are about to break ground on our commonhouse and the committee, commonhouse 
furnishing committee, met today to discuss tables.

I always thought that we would have warm, wooden tables for the dining room.  
Others on my committee felt that we needed the type of table that is formica on 
the top with metal underneath so that it can be folded up and put away.   I 
hate those tables.  I have sat on them in cold church halls drinking bad coffee 

Members were saying with the wooden tables, we don't have enough room to just 
push them aside to open up the floor for other activities.

Can anybody give us some recommendations on tables?  I also thought we would 
have oval tables but some members are saying rectangular ones would be good so 
we could line them up in a long row (like a mess hall -- my words, not theirs).

I am thinking my hopes for hanging lights over the tables probably won't fly 
either because if the tables are going to be folded up and put away.....what 
about the lights?

I have seen lovely pictures of commonhouse meals with cozy lighting and wooden 
tables.  Are other communities able to accomplish that AND have the ability to 
open up the space for other activities?

Shelly DeMeo
Rocky Hill Cohousing
Northampton, MA

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