Bay Area: Visions of Utopia at Wed 10/26
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Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 22:30:18 -0700 (PDT)
Hey folks - Geoph Kozeny is doing a presentation in Alameda CA on Wed. 10/26 
on Visions of Utopia.  Please join us - donations accepted.

Michael Anne Conley

Announcement of a
Multi-Media Presentation
by Geoph Kozeny ...

VISIONS OF UTOPIA: Experiments in Sustainable Culture
Today's Social Laboratories: "Intentional Communities"

Ever since the 6th Century BC--when the Buddha instructed his 
followers to live in community--people have been living together 
"intentionally" based on shared visions of a better world. In the 
ensuing 2500 years there have been an amazing array of visionary 
social experiments: egalitarians, anarchists, Christians, Quakers, 
Eastern spiritual groups, back-to-the-landers, environmentalists, 
psychologists, artists, retired professionals, urban homesteaders, 
land co-ops, student co-ops, and much more.

Today there exist thousands of these visionary groups, living their 
everyday lives in ways that reflect their values and visions. 
Tonight's multimedia presentation will feature an overview of the 
wide range of histories, philosophies, and lifestyles currently 
available in shared living communities-plus excerpts from Geoph's 
award-winning video documentary "Visions of Utopia." An open 
discussion will follow.

WHEN:   Wednesday, Oct 26 * 7:00 PM
              Alameda Point Collaborative
WHERE:  677 W. Ranger Ave, Alameda
INFO:     510-595-0873
COST:     FREE ... $4-$125 Suggested Donation: Whatever you earn in 1/2 hr.

PRESENTER BIO: Geoph Kozeny has lived in communities of one kind or 
another for 32 years. He has been on the road for 17 years visiting 
communities of all stripes-over 350 so far-getting involved in the 
daily routine of each group, asking about their visions and 
realities, taking photos and video clips, and giving talks about the 
diversity and vitality of the communities movement. He is a featured 
columnist for Communities magazine, and is a co-creator of the 
Communities Directory ("the Bible of the communities movement").

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