RE: Keeping Cats from Killing Birds
From: John Imbur (
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 09:51:23 -0700 (PDT)
Here at Shadowlake Village we had a similar situation arise and while we
haven't formally adopted any solution just yet, the amount of cat predation
has been _dramatically_ reduced by adopting the cat bib.  My own cat has
found a way out of it after a month or two, so it may not be an effective
tool for all cats, but most of the other cats have been wearing it quite
effectively.  And even though my cat is currently bibless, I have found the
amount of his predation has gone down significantly since before I had him
wearing it.

The cats do look silly with them on, but they seem to adjust and it was
worth helping out my neighbors that have the concerns about rodent predation
which seems to be a slipperier slope about how people feel than bird
predation which most people seem to want universally stopped.  The bibs
claim to only work with bird predation, but from personal experience I think
this is patently false.  If you want your cat to "mouse" and control the
rodent predation, I would not recommend the bib... if you are trying to stop
all predation, than go for it!

John Imbur,, Blacksburg, VA
E: john_imbur [at]

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