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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 16:01:43 -0700 (PDT)
My response to them was "no thanks" with the explanation that I wouldn't
trust what they would put out, after the twist on the truth that they gave
Zev and Nashama.

Ah, Community - check it out! 

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I got a good giggle out of this:

Subject: ABC seeks famlies who practice voluntarily simple lifestyles!

Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm a Casting Producer with ABC Television and we're looking to feature
families who live by the "voluntary simplicity" philosophy - families who
feel that all of the excess technology and "stuff" is unnecessary - families
who keep it simple and don't get involved with the craziness of the outside
world. We seek that very unique, distinct, fascinating approach to life - a
philosophy that perhaps others might not have considered...a philosophy that
other families could benefit from! I know that your community encompasses
the ideals we're looking for - those great folks that spend true quality
time with each other and don't rely on tv, video games, or other electronics
to entertain their children 24/7. I feel that you could be a great example
for other families and would love to speak with anyone outspoken, outgoing,
and passionate about their beliefs and their lifestyle.

We're currently casting for ABC's hit family show, 'Wife Swap!' Please don't
be confused by the title - "Wife Swap" is a family show on ABC primetime.
The premise is simple: two moms from two very different families get the
opportunity to swap lives (but not bedrooms - everyone has their own!) for a
week to experience what it's like to live a different lifestyle - and to see
what they can teach each other about their own! In this case we're looking
to feature families who feel that happiness doesn't revolve around having
the latest gadget, fastest car, or the biggest bank account. I would greatly
appreciate you forwarding my information on to any of your friends,
neighbors, colleagues, and family members who might be interested in sharing
their lives with us for a week!

All featured families will receive a $20,000 financial honorarium as a
thank-you for their time - and $1000 goes to anyone who refers a family that
makes it on the show! We are looking for two parent families with children
(ages 5 and older) who are ready for adventure! I appreciate your assistance
in reaching out to these great families and look forward to hearing from you


Heather Teta
Casting Associate Producer
ABC Television / RDF Media
Heather.Teta [at]

Marta R. Vanegas
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Concordia Cohousing
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