Finally! Sociocracy: The Book
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 07:11:23 -0800 (PST)
An unedited, working copy of Sociocracy: A New Power Structure for Ethical Governance is now available in a pdf, downloadable edition. This is the long promised introduction and guide to organizing and decision making based on modern systems theory. I beg you to read it and send suggestions for making it clearer or more inclusive. The final version will not be out until next year.

This includes the bulk of the book, namely:

PART ONE: Introduction to Sociocracy

Introduction: The Evolution of Organizations
Chapter 1: Why We Need Another “-ocracy” by John Buck
Chapter 2: Why We Need Another “-ocracy” by Sharon Villines
Chapter 3: History of Sociocracy

PART TWO: Governing Principles and Methods

Introduction: The Power of Organization
Chapter 4: Decision-Making by Consent & Sarah’s Story
Chapter 5: Strategy, Leadership, and People Selection
Chapter 6: Quality, Development, and Circles
Chapter 7: Dynamic Process and Double-Linking
Chapter 8: Compensation and Legal Structure

APPENDICES: Resources for Further Study and Implementation

Sociocracy by Lester Ward (1893)
Sociocracy: Democracy as It Might Be by Kees Boeke (1945)
Guide to Principles and Circle Meetings

PART THREE is still to be completed. This will be a more detailed hands
on description of how to apply the methods and techniques. There will
be additional appendices of various worksheets, bylaws for sociocratic
organizations, etc. We will also include some selections by Gerard

Still missing are the copyright notices that some of the illustrations
are used by permission of the Sociocratisch Centrum. In the final
version these will be redrawn and updated for digital printing by Jason
Forrest. Also missing are the references and bibliography. The final version will also have an index.

Please send comments and suggestion when you have read the text. It has
been an agonizing road to analyze language issues and make this a "run
of the mill" book in the sense that anyone can understand the concepts
and issues. We also tried very hard to analyze the text in the context
of political and business management thought -- not just to present
sociocratic ideas but to relate them to a wider context, historically
and contemporaneously.

Please do let me know what you think

Sharon Villines
Coauthor with John Buck of the forthcoming
Sociocracy: A New Power Structure for Ethical Governance

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