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Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 09:25:36 -0800 (PST)

On Nov 3, 2005, at 7:23 AM, meikamonagmail wrote:

1) Modern Systems Theory? I thought systems theory's descendent complexity theory was all the rage.

Probably an overstatement but I wanted to emphasize the distinction between democracy which is based on previous governance systems like monarchies and autocracies and something a bit more scientific. "Modern" also has a variety of definitions depending on context. Modern art begins in the 1850s, for example. Modern concepts of humanism begin with the Renaissance, etc. "Contemporary" is the here and now. Modern means roughly beginning with scientific thought.

Sociocratic theory is based on systems theory and physics but some of the practical applications grew out of the Quaker "sense of the meeting." The original use of the term came with the birth and development of Sociology, the scientific study and theory of social structures. Sociocracy places emphasis on parts working together in a system and the importance of each of those parts to the rest of the system. In Democracy each of the parts is given a vote but only counts if it is part of the majority. It also places emphasis on the vote, not on the system. The world is shades of grey and a yes or no vote often doesn't mean what it is interpreted to mean.

2) Its a up for Beta testing and comments and you hope I'll pay $10 for it (as a newbie on the list I may well be missing something here no doubt.)

"Beta" is a joke. This is essentially a final draft. And is about half the price that the printed copy will be. I wanted to emphasize "draft" because I don't want to get hammered for any misspellings and the lack of references. This is the version that goes to the copy editor and various expert readers for quibbles so it is essentially final but will have some corrections before the final printing.

And we decided we had to charge for this because it will be sent to a wide international audience and distributing it will hurt sales of the final book (which will cost at least twice as much). For many people this will be all the information they will need or want before they decide to attend a workshop or hire a trainer to work with their organization. This book has been over three years in the making so compensation for our time is only fair.

Sharon Villines
Coauthor with John Buck of the forthcoming
Sociocracy: A New Power Structure for Ethical Governance

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