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From: Scott Nelson Windels (
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 11:47:50 -0800 (PST)
At 9:38 PM +0000 11/1/05, katie-henry [at] wrote:
Even if I were willing to outsource building management, I don?t understand how it would work. For example, let?s say there?s a broken pipe in the middle of the night. What would happen? The owner of the unit would call the management company, who would notify their on-call plumber. Let?s assume this plumber has never been to the building. How would the plumber find out where the shut-off valve is for the affected unit? (In our four-story building, it?s behind a trapdoor inside the ceiling of the first-floor unit for each stack.) Do you keep a copy of the plumbing plans at the management company?s office? How does the plumber get to the plans in the middle of the night? Or do you keep them in some resident?s unit? What if that resident isn?t home? What if the occupant of the unit that has the shut-off valve isn?t home? How do you get in? Especially if the key box is in the management company office and it?s still the middle of the night? I just don?t get it. Maybe someone can
  tell me how it works in other buildings that use remote management.

Hi Katie -

If you have someone in your community who is adept at technology and can help you set up a wiki system (check for a live example of wiki in action) - you could setup a system where all of the information is posted online for all of your residents and mgmt staff to have access too.

We're just forming a cohousing group in Oakland, CA and we're using a wiki to keep information online - the key feature of software like wiki is that any user can edit it with a little bit of training. It does really require that someone pay attention to it though and clean up things and manage the information architecture.

Having the information online in some form would help you get rid of a lot of the accessibility questions you ask above - although for physical things like keys/supplies/etc you'd still need a system of access.

TikiWiki is a popular wiki package that has a ton of other features - .


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