Re: Cordless phone in the Common House
From: Bonnie Fergusson (
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 14:52:45 -0800 (PST)
         Given the frequency with which everything in
the Common House migrates, I think a cordless phone is
an idea fraught with built in frustration.  A phone,
with a long cord however, is essential.  The person on
the last minute grocery run can phone the cooks with
last minute questions about ingredients on the
shopping list, someone needing directions to the party
can get them, the Fed Ex guy can find someone to sign
for packages when the addressee is not home, parents
can do efficient searches for kids, the smoke alarm
inspector,plumber,electrician,fire department, you
name it, can get hold of someone, when the official
contact person is not available.   I can't imagine a
no phone common house.  A message service on the other
hand seems like a bad idea, the problem being folks
THINK they've reached someone when they haven't. 
Better to leave them still searching if no one is in
the common house to answer.  No one is going to want
the job of checking those messages and responding to
them in a timely manner-- running and maintaining the
community involves enough real necessary work, you
don't want to create systems that require more,
unnecessary work.  I would also recommed not having a
long distance service on the Common House phone--you
need it for local emergencies only, folk can use their
personal home phones for long distance--prevents
billing disputes in the future (anonymous teens and
900 #'s come to mind).
                              Good Luck,
                          Bonnie Fergusson
                      Swan's Market Cohousing
                            Oakland, CA

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