Re: Re: cordless phone, answering machine in the common house?
From: Deborah Mensch (
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 22:06:16 -0800 (PST)
At our cohousing, there's a phone in the sitting room of our common house.
No one answers it, and in fact sometimes we leave the ringer off or the
phone unplugged. There is a message service, which is picked up only once a
week (and I think the outgoing message says this). It seems useful as a way
for people to get in touch with us who are interested in going on one of our
monthly tours, or in being on our prospective buyers list. Once they have
made their first contact with the community, they usually get hooked up with
the appropriate person for further calls or emails. It's mainly for first
contacts from the outside, when people don't know who to call.

The big reason I'm glad we have the phone there is that we have a lot of
committee meetings at the common house, and if someone spaces out about a
meeting (as I sometimes do), it's easy to call them from the common house
phone. We also keep a community phone list there. The phone has no
long-distance or 900 capability. It's a great resource.

Deborah Mensch
Pleasant Hill Cohousing

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