CID assessments paying for social events
From: OCC11NG (
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 09:34:28 -0800 (PST)
Common Interest Development law authorizes HOA's to assess community members 
to pay for upkeep of the common elements of the development.   Does the law 
also authorize the HOA to raise dues to pay for social programs?

The primary purpose of CID's is to enable residents to jointly own common 
elements for the mutual enjoyment of its members.  With the cohousing 
movement, there also exists a pattern of assessing members for social 
programs.  The law does not recognize a cohousing organization as being any 
different than an ordinary CID.  I can agree that social interaction is a 
major goal with cohousing organizations and deserves funding.  But I am not 
sure that CID's have the legal authority to assess their members to pay for 
social programs.

When an owner agrees to the financial obligations of an ordinary HOA, there 
usually is no expectation that social programs will be an integral part of 
the experience of living in the development.  Our new owners were not told 
of this activity nor the necessity of funding it.  It seems to me that since 
there is no expectation that new members are expected to contribute to 
social programs, there is no reason why they should be held delinquent if 
they do not pay that portion of the dues allocation to these purposes.

Can somebody clear this up for me?

Norm Gauss

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