Costa Rican project
From: Roy Lent (
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 14:18:04 -0800 (PST)
I am new to this list and joined as I am part of a group in Costa Rica that is 
forming a community which is, to a certain extent, a cohousing project.

1) It is on a big tract of land (113.5 hectares)

2) It will involve some 100 homes. These will be grouped more or less 
together but their positions will be mostly decided by the natural layout of 

3) There will be a social center with a few meals in common plus other 

4) As part of the same project, we will be reestablishing a forest area (on 
steep, rocky land), producing our own electricity(hydroelectric on internal 
river), organic agriculture, large biodigestors producing biogas for cooking 
and some minor commercial operations. 

5) All residents will hold one share of the corporation that owns all the land, 
but will hold their own lot with a 100 year lease, but no ownership of land. 
The house goes with the lease and is transferable. The lease is unilaterally 
renewable by the resident or his heirs after 100 years, for those who really 
look ahead!

This is designed under Costa Rican law so many of the US restrictions and 
forms do not exist.

This is a combination of cohousing and ecovillage. I have decided to call this 
type operation an "Integral Living Community". It has, I think, everything 
necessary to refer to it as cohousing except for ownership of the individual 
lots. Individual participation will cost US$75,000 (we hope!) for everything 
including a basic home.

Comment is welcome.

Roy Lent

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