Kids room
From: melanie kilmarx (
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 05:12:15 -0800 (PST)
We got the kids together and held a meeting facilitating their own awareness
of what rules made good company for everyone. They came up with some really
good stuff and best of all, it is THEIRS! We post the rules at kids eye
height and empower them to do their own checks and balances as fart as

Lake Claire Cohousing Common House
Share all common toys

Try and solve problems yourself first. Get an adult if you cannot.

Bigger kids should be careful with smaller kids toys, including not use them
if you are too big

No running in the Common House

No yelling in the Common House

Clean up your play area after you are finished. Everyone should pitch in.

Be friendly to new people and visitors.

Beyond this, no kid under 12 allowed in the common house alone, must have
direct adult supervision and those over 12 must have adult consent and
supervising though not as direct. We practice piano and such inside... No
teen room here so we haven't had to figure that one out yet:>)

Melanie Kilmarx
Lake Claire Cohousing
Atlanta, GA
melnowhere [at]

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