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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 10:31:30 -0800 (PST)
It depends. 90 spaces is nearly 3 spaces per unit. That seems a bit high for
an urban area. (You might want to look into requesting a variance.)

How many spaces you will "need" kind of depends on your target residents.
Will there be lots of two-car families? How many teenage drivers do you
expect? How many elderly or handicapped people are likely -- will the units
be handicapped-accessible so that people can age in place?

In our case, we have 25 units and are required to provide 52 spaces. We have
a mix of 1-4 bedroom units. We also have ~5 less convenient spaces, for a
total of ~57 spaces. All but 6 units are pre-sold, with 1-2 more pre-sales
likely soon.  We are also on a bus line, but I suspect most of us will
continue to use our cars because the bus transfer system is inconvenient for
most people.

So far, all the 1-2 bedroom unit owners have one car each. I believe all our
3-4 bedroom units each have two cars. We have a few teenagers, but I'm not
aware that any have their own cars. You could use a rule of thumb to
estimate how many cars/unit you can expect.

In our case, our calculation would look like this:
        1 bdrm - 2 units x 1 car =       2
        2 bdrm - 10 units x 1 car =     10
        3 bdrm - 7 units x 2 cars =     14
        4 bdrm - 6 units x 2 cars =     12
                        Total cars      =       38

This should give us 19 spaces that will get infrequent use by guests and
possibly a few teenagers.

We have decided to assign only one space per unit, per our CC&R. When there
is more than 1 car/unit, one car will park on a space available basis. The
spaces will be assigned by the Board, rather than legally tied to any
particular unit, to give us flexibility to respond to individual needs. For
example, a household needing a handicap stall will be assigned same; if that
unit later sells to someone not needing that stall, they will be assigned a
different stall.

We expect to start moving in next May. It will be interesting to see how it
actually works!

Kay Wilson
Bartimaeus Cohousing at Meadow Wood

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This is a parking use question.

We are being required to have 90 on site parking spaces for a 34 unit
community.  We can stick 25 of those spaces in a less then desirable

Our community is urban and is on a bus line and has reasonable access to
a bike path. 10 minutes by car to the university and down town.

Our question is this.  How to tell what percentage of use our parking
spaces will get?


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