Re: Bike locker designs
From: Amy Dwyer (
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 16:32:15 -0800 (PST)
I highly recommend setting aside enough secure space for bikes from the get go. 
A relatively neat and efficient way to organize bikes is to hang them on hooks 
by their wheel.  In such a system, bikes are alternated handlebar up/down, 
hooks are marked with the proper orientation, and hooks need to be spaced about 
14in minimum w/ 14in on each end of the hooks.  The hooks need a minimum 14in 
distance setaway from a back wall.  Hooks need to be placed in a secure beam 
with a minimum dimension (if wood) of 1in for every 1ft of span (a 6 ft span, 
capable of holding 4 bikes, would require a 2x6 beam). Hope that helps!
Amy Dwyer
Wasatch Commons in Salt Lake City

>>> wonko [at] 11/15/2005 9:37 AM >>>


I'm Lyle Scheer from Fordyce Street Cohousing in Ashland, Oregon.  We're
fast getting ready to break ground next spring (hopefully), and the
question of bike lockers came up recently.  We currently only have racks
in our plans, but I like my bike better than racking it, and when taking
a recent bay area cohousing tour saw a number of different bike lockers.

My questions to the group:

    How much space do you need per bike?  How do you organize them in the
shed/locker so that they are accessible?  Do you have any design ideas
you can share that I can bring back to our building committee?


- Lyle
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