Bike lockers
From: Terri Hupfer (
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 09:28:15 -0800 (PST)

Like Eris we are having problems with our bikes stored on hooks. Baby seats, 
kids bikes, and the strength to lift the bike onto the hook are all issues. We 
also seem to have WAY too many bikes for our space. As she said, if you just 
want to store a bike, or if you have one of the front two hooks in the shed it 
seems to be OK, otherwise you are always trying to wrestle your handlebars out 
of someone else's wheel and cursing in the meantime. We have added metal racks 
for the kids bikes at the back, but they aren't working too well either as 
space constraints mean they are crammed in so tight the kids can't easily get 
them in and out. We currently have a proposal floating to construct TWO more 
bike storage spots for our community of 32 households. We discussed outside 
storage, but have had a fair amount of bike theft in our four years here so 
have discarded that idea. Does anyone out there have a good system? If so, 
please share. Thanks.


Terri Hupfer

Pleasant Hill Cohousing

Northern California

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