Want to live next door to coho?
From: Elke (kweenzgmail.com)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 08:17:14 -0800 (PST)
Mariposa Grove is a coho community in Oakland, CA.  They're hoping to
have likeminded nextdoor neighbors:

 [Please forward this to anyone, or any list, that
> you think might be interested]
> Hi friends (and others who may get this message
> forwarded to them),
> Our neighbor, Yusef, is selling his house. Our
> next-door,
> we-could-tear-down-our-mutual-fence neighbor.
> We have not collectively discussed finding someone
> with similar
> visions to buy the house, tearing down the fence,
> etc, but it fits
> what we're all interested in. If one of you has the
> financial means,
> we would be very happy if our community grew.
> As a summary, it is a huge house available for a big
> price (although
> reasonable by today's insane market). The listing
> says "4+" bedrooms,
> but I really don't know the layout inside. The
> listing also says the
> house is over 3,000sq.ft. which is about the same as
> my guesstimate
> from looking at the house. It's bigger than any of
> our three houses.
> The listing says that it has a "large park-like"
> yard, which is an
> exaggeration. It does have a huge, beautiful old
> willow tree, and a
> couple pigeon coops (Yusef raises racing pigeons -
> I'll miss them).
> It's zoned for a duplex, so the large downstairs
> could probably be
> turned into a fully legal apartment pretty easily.
> The asking price is  $685,000.
> The following is a link to the listing:
> Info about the sales price:
> http://www.trulia.com/property/6641879/
> It's probably not a good idea to work solely with
> "Help-U-Sell," the
> agent for the property. Get your own realtor working
> for you. That
> will not cost you a dime. "Help-U-Sell" is legally
> obligated to work
> for the seller, NOT the buyer. If you are actually
> interested in the
> house and you don't tell the seller's agent
> ("Help-U-Sell") that you
> have your own agent, you could get really screwed.
> If you need an
> agent, you could try Mickey Tenenbaum, who is a good
> guy interested
> in supporting intentional communities (he's helped
> others).  (510)-843-8075.
> Mariposa is an arts- and activism-based affordable
> cohousing
> community. We currently have 11 adults, 4 children,
> 6 residential
> units, lots of shared common space, shared meals,
> chickens, etc.
> check out our website (below) and feel free to
> contact us at
> mariposa [at] ic.org, or any of us you may know.
> That's Linton & Jehanne Hale, Sean Seward, Sarah
> Kerr, Nerissa Stiles
> & Jim Callahan, Hank Obermayer, Christine
> Grisot-D'Allance, Jonathan
> Curly & Kate Donaldson-Fletcher, Bonita Ford, and
> Wowlvenn Katzmill.
>                Mariposa Grove
>      CoHousing / Cooperative / Community
> email: <mariposa [at] ic.org>
> web: http://www.healthyarts.com/mariposagrove/

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