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Can you tell me a bit more about the community that you are involved with?
We are involved with a group in Mora creating an eco-village.

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I recently moved into a small Northern New Mexico community (10 
households). I am wishing to introduce a forum/vehicle whereby 
community members can express  openly and authentically with one 
another what is "up"  for them.  We currently have no real means of 
community conflict resolution in place or anything established  that 
can address community-wide  issues, nor do we have any "check-in 
process" (or time for it) prior to meetings.

What we have established is a small Community Process Team (CPT) that 
schedules agendas for our Business Meetings (1x per month) and a  
"Conversation" (a looser version of the business meeting 1x per month). 
  At my request, there is an upcoming CPT meeting to discuss such a 

What I am hoping we can create a "safe space" where folks can 
communicate authentically  with one another and possibly prevent 
conflict/resentments through open sharing. I would also hope that a 
bonding process could come out of these gatherings.  Myself and one 
other member practice NVC (Non-Violent Commuication) and would be able 
to help facilitate.

I have heard of some communities creating such meetings/circles that 
have worked well, but heard of others with low attendance .  Does 
anyone have any input on what has worked well in their community along 
these lines? I would also appreciate hearing how well folks feel that 
authentic communication works in their community, and share any means 
by which that happens best.

Thanks in advance,

Melissa Schreck,
Tres Placitas del Rio

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