Re: Common House Laundry Survey
From: fassnach (
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 09:04:12 -0800 (PST)
Here at Village Cohousing in Madison, WI we have 17 units.  There are 2
washers + 1 dryer + 4 drying racks in the 9-unit building; 1 washer + 1
dryer in the common house, which has 4 units upstairs; and 1 washer + 1
dryer in the townhouse duplex.  Three or 4 units have their own machines. 
We also have 2 outside clothesline stands which many use except in the

Sometimes folks have to wait, or move other's laundry, but on the whole,
it works out well.

The laundry facilities in the CH did not compromise kitchen space nor layout.

The common laundry facilities do foster community interaction on a very
limited basis, but every little bit helps.

Stephanie Fassnacht

>       1) How many common machines do you have, how many households do you
> have in your community?
>       2) Does it seem like too many or too few washing machines?
>       3) If you had to choose between adding a laundry room and only having a
> single entrance to your kitchen area and smaller pantry versus no
> laundry room and a walk through kitchen area (basically an
> island/counter where you can have people going in one side and going out
> the other) and a larger pantry, which would you choose and why?
>       4) Rate on a scale of 1 to 5 the following aspects of a common laundry:
>       a) Helps the environment (shared resource)
>       b) Encourages community
>       c) saves space in your units because you don't need to purchase
> machines
>       d) Helps the lower income members who would not afford machines in
> their unit
> Finally, help me brainstorm any other aspects of importance I can use to
> survey our membership so we can create a decision matrix.
> Thanks!
> - Lyle
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