RE: Authentic Communication
From: Michael Kuropatkin (
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 13:39:52 -0800 (PST)
Re: Authentic Communication


At Milagro we have the following in play to promote authentic communication:


1.                  The Gaia Guide (our policy and procedure repository)
contains elements encouraging authentic communication

a.     Values

b.     Communication Guidelines

c.     Consensus Process

d.     Conflict Resolution Guidelines


2.                A Community Relations Committee (one of our seven
committees) whose charter includes promoting harmony and the embodiment of
the guiding principles and processes, conflict resolution etc.


3.                The Co-facilitator role for our Community Meetings
includes monitoring and assuring the emotional health of the meeting.  


4.                We also use "attunement" in our meetings.  At any time,
anyone may call for a minute or two of silence where people are asked to get
in touch with what is happening inside themselves.  Upon reconvening, people
are given an opportunity to share or re-commence the conversation.


5.                A bi-weekly Sharing Circle (voluntary) giving people an
opportunity to share what is up for them inside of a generous, empathic


6.                And, periodically, we have sponsored learning
opportunities.  An example being a recent introduction to NonViolent
Communication by a certified practitioner.  This introduction was attended
by folks from 20 of our 28 households.  Subsequently 18 community members
are participating in a three or six month NVC program here at Milagro
facilitated by the certified practitioner.


Michael Kuropatkin

Milagro Cohousing - A Community in Balance with Nature



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