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Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 05:42:43 -0800 (PST)
Norm, et al:

At Liberty Village, our Design Review Team also reviews large trees and other things that are permanent or long-term exterior features. Its mandate was recently revised:

"To provide, support and maintain a process by which proposed changes to the appearance, building in, and use of Liberty Village public spaces can be reviewed in a timely manner, before such changes are, or possibly are not, implemented.

The mandate is to be positive, i.e. to try to facilitate implementation of members wishes to enrich and improve the utility and appearance of their community surroundings, rather than negative and restrictive. The DRT will seek ways to enable a project to move forward rather than ways to stop it .

The role of the DRT is to review proposed projects that do not go through a team. Team projects already have a structure for community input and budget. The DRT process applies to building of anything altering the outside of homes, building, or significant changes to, freestanding structures, and planting of large trees and shrubs that may affect the community by their root structures, shade or interfering with the view."

The sorts of things recently reviewed include my chicken coop, a patio, a large trees, and even a kids tree-house. The change in emphasis in the mandate from restriction to facilitation has been a very positive thing.



At 08:15 PM 12/10/2005 -0800, OCCNG11 wrote:
We are a standard condominium where the HOA owns all the landscaping and structures. Our CC&R's specify the appointment of an Architecural Committee.

According to the CC&R's, all Improvements within the Development must be reviewed by the Architectural Committee.

Improvements include "construction, installation, alteration or remodeling of any building, wall, roof, foundation, balcony, patio, landscaping, landscape structure, skylight, solar heating equipmentk, spa, antenna, utility line..."

Our Architecture Committee is reluctant to review anything not involving structures because they claim, "architects are only concerned with structures". According to them, landscaping is not architecture.

Has anybody ever encountered situations where the Architectural Committee considers non-structural matters (e.g. landscaping) beyond their purview?

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