RE: queries during conflict
From: Stacia Leech and Gary kent (
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:39:58 -0800 (PST)
Hello Tree:

Thank you for offering this set of conflict questions.  I think they
will be very useful for our cohousing group.

I have a couple of questions of clarity, (in red text).

What do you appreciate that has been done by someone you disagreed with
on this issue? I'm assuming we are asking a general question here -
appreciating anything the person has done, not just something related to
the issue, is that correct?

What do you think their understandable, legitimate internal story is
about what's been happening? Not quite sure what we are asking here.
For example someone might offer:  "Dave, I understand that honouring
agreements and integrity might be very important to you having worked in
the pharmaceuticals business for the past twenty years!"  As I read this
back it feels quiet presumptuous on the questioners part and might
illicit a defensive response.  What piece am I missing here?

What have you contributed that made it turn out the way it has so far?
Again an assumption that this could be a positive or not so positive

I always appreciate your contributions to the Coho list, thanks again. 


Roberts Creek Cohousing

British Columbia 


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