RE: queries during conflict
From: Tree Bressen (
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 21:11:10 -0800 (PST)

Just to clarify a bit on the use of the questions i sent, i wrote these queries specifically for situations that are really entrenched. I mean the kind of thing where members had a major upset that has gotten personal, has not been worked out yet, and is probably affecting community business as well as the relationships between some of the protagonists. (In the cases i have used these questions, the difficulty had already lasted over a year before i was brought in to facilitate, although i think it would be wonderful to ask questions like these sooner!--which is part of the motivation to share them with this list.)

In a situation of this kind, working only on the rational aspects of the issue won't solve it, you have to work with the feelings, humyn elements, and people's personal stories and interpretations in order to move forward. And, you need to work with it in a specific way so that, for instance (in answer to Stacia's wondering), the response to the question "What do you appreciate that has been done by someone you disagreed with on this issue?" is expected to be something on that particular issue, not something one appreciates about the person in some other area of community life. Of course, the participants need to be willing--sometimes people need time before they are ready.

I can see how in a community where the whole group (or the members involved) was trained in and enjoyed using NVC, then that method might work well in situations of this kind too. However, i think it's very important to have other options.

For a general unresolved group issue, i would not approach it with these kinds of questions, i think there are other approaches that would be a better fit.




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