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From: Eris Weaver (
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 13:05:39 -0800 (PST)
I think I came off more flippant than I meant to be in my previous post
about alcohol use at FrogSong.

Our policy around alcohol at meals was discussed as part of our meals
policy quite a while before our move-in, which was two years ago.

We do have a few members who are in recovery, for whom the easy
availability of alcohol here isn't an issue. We only have two teenagers so
far and many younger kids. There are differences of opinion as to alcohol
use by kids - some of our members are European and think it is OK for
their kids to drink at home - also many differences of opinion about
recreational drug use, in general and in front of or by kids. People are
generally respectful of other people's opinions and parenting styles, and
I don't think any adult in the community would give alcohol or pot to
someone else's child.

Our community also has a culture that is resistant to rules, and tends to
be open and easy about things until a problem arises. I predict that
opinions about alcohol stored in the common house may not change until
there is an incident of some sort.

Personally I have mixed feelings about our easy access here. Part of it is
personal -- while not an alcoholic, I do find I tend to drink more when it
is right there in front of me than if I had to bring it from home. (The
same is true of food - many of us have gained weight since moving in, with
our scrumptious common meals! Portion control is much more difficult when
there is a big serving dish in front of you!) I also have concerns about
the messages we send to our kids by how we adults use alcohol. (I also
happen to work in public health, currently on a project about underage &
binge drinking!)

Eris Weaver                 erisw [at]
FrogSong, Cotati, CA

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