Re: Re: Establishing unit pricing
From: Dahako (
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 15:50:33 -0800 (PST)
Hi all -
In reference to this snippet of Katie Henry's post about unit pricing: 
"A lot of our members got totally married to their price per square foot.  
Unfortunately, measurements taken during and after construction revealed that  
most units turned out bigger or smaller than stated in the contract, ranging  
from a few sq. ft. to about 80 sq. ft., as I recall. (Not counting Jessie's  
unit, heh heh.)"
Katie's laughter is because my unit during construction was the  
"unit-from-hell" that, because of a major mismeasuring error, had to be  
redesigned from 
scratch AFTER we had signed our sales contract with the  developer.  Not to 
mention flooding, additional measuring errors resulting  in large per square 
figures just before closing, problems with the concrete  floor patches 
heaving out three times, and mice.  Despite all that, the  unit is good-enough 
ridiculously comfortable to live in.  Guess the  karma is balancing itself 
Another reason not to focus on per square foot figures early on is because  
unit prices may have to change abruptly when reality intrudes in the form of  
actual construction bids.
Jessie Handforth Kome
Eastern Village Cohousing
Silver Spring, Maryland

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