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Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 08:10:59 -0800 (PST)

Eno Commons is probably on the simple end of the differential complexity scale.

Funding for the community infrastructure came from selling lots.  We had two 
sizes: large and small.  We had two house designs: House A:1483 sq ft and House 
B:1974 sq ft.  House B's could only be placed on large lots.  As we believed 
that folks buying small lots would be more price sensitive, we had a small 
price premium on the large lot.

We did not price discriminate on the location of the lots but rather let the 
selection of the lots in order of seniority which rewarded those who came in 

This said, our situation is a bit different than yours as our homes are either 
detached or duplexed.  You might want to contact urban cohousing development 
like Eastern Village, which is closer to your building structure than our is.

-Robert Heinich
 Eno Commons Cohousing
 Durham, NC
 where we just had a Community Dayz to distribute and spread 12 tons of 
rubberized mulch, made of recycled tires, 
 underneath our play structure.

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> Eugene Downtown Cohousing is ready to price our units.  We would like to
> price differentially based on whether the apartment faces a busy street
> vs. a quiet alley, is on a corner with more windows or sandwiched, etc.
> We'd like feedback about how other groups have used differential
> pricing, and how well it worked.  Reading the archives surfaced the
> following:
> Ask a local residential appraiser to recommend pricing
> differentials
> Poll members to determine favored amenities/locations, and price
> accordingly
> Pricing based on square footage plus number of kitchens and
> bathrooms, views or siting
> Larger units are cheaper to build per square foot, so price per
> square foot is not appropriate
> Differential pricing awards more desirable sites to those with
> more money, perpetuating inequity - all should be equal
> All should not be equal - worked fine to have differential
> pricing, no less community value of members who have fewer economic
> resources
> Differential pricing used to make some units more affordable -
> worked well
> Choose unit in order of seniority - rewards those who came in
> early
> People who bought early were assessed less than those who bought
> later, because they assumed more of the risk
> Does anyone have any further thoughts or experience with differential
> pricing?  Thanks much for your help!
> Leila Snow
> Finance Committee
> Eugene Downtown Cohousing
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