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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 10:27:27 -0800 (PST)
There's no way we could ever get to Berkley!  Hate to miss out on all the 
networking & resources!
Is there any way cohousing US could do regional workshops/trainings, maybe 
quarterly or intermittantly throughout the year?
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For the second time ever, Coho US is proud to offer a weekend-long "best
practices" workshop on project management.  It will be held Feb 4-5 in
Berkeley, CA, and will feature leading cohousing professionals from
around the country.


This is an invaluable resource for groups in development, orienting them
on how to work with professionals and considerations around
self-managing development.  It is also a great resource for outside
professionals working with a cohousing group.


Schedule:    Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-3:30, with individual
consultation on Sunday until 5 pm.

Program:  Presenters will review the basic elements of project
management, delineating roles and responsibilities for professionals and
how to work effectively with cohousing groups.  Sessions will include a
mix of individual presentations, panels and small group.  Particular
topics will include construction and financial management, options and
upgrades, partnering with developers from a distance, and project
managers that are also group members.

Social Gathering:  Pre-event social on Friday evening, Feb 3, with
Cohousing Association board members. 

Cost:  $390 includes lunches ($450 for registration after January 15).

Registration:  online at  Pre-registration
is required.

Panelists will include:   

Kathryn McCamant - President of CoHousing Partners, LLC. Kathryn has
developed several cohousing communities in northern California and
designed dozens of others around the country. She and her husband and
co-author Charles Durrett introduced cohousing to the United States with
the 1988 book, Cohousing:  A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves.

Jim Leach -- President of Wonderland Hill Development Co.  Jim has led
Wonderland's efforts to complete a dozen cohousing communities in the
western United States.  He brings over 30 years of residential
development experience to cohousing. 

Chris ScottHanson - President of Cohousing Resources, LLC.  Chris has
overseen numerous cohousing projects, from land acquisition through
construction, throughout the United States.  

Danny Milman - Currently a Project Manager with Deacon Construction,
Danny oversaw the construction for cohousing communities in Bellingham,
WA, Pleasant Hill, CA and Cotati, CA.

Michael Jacob - President of Talia Development, Michael served as the
project manager for Two Acre Wood in Sebastopol, CA, a cohousing
community, where he currently resides with his family.

Workshop Site:  MIG Conference Center, 800 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley.

Lodging:   Best Western University Inn, 920 University Avenue, is four
blocks from the workshop site.  MIG corporate rate of $89/night (one
bed) or $99/night (two beds), available upon request.  Phone:

Meal:  Coffee and muffins will be provided each morning, and lunch will
also be provided both days.

For more information:  Contact Rick Mockler, rick [at] until Jan 25,
and Karen Hester after Jan 25, at karen [at] or 510-654-6346.



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