Re: condo fees
From: LouHarr (
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 12:35:17 -0800 (PST)
Two Acre Wood,
 Sebastopol Ca, north of
 San Francisco.
   Thanks again to all of you and to Fred who keep  Coho-L going. I have 
relied on it for info since before we bought  land.
  Right now we are looking at how to raise $$ for  projects here.
  I am glad to see the thread about monthly fees HOA (or  other).
that you use to manage your places.
  My questions are about those things beyond  administration ,operating costs 
and reserves.( We now have some solar input  so that our meter runs backward.)
  We allocate $ to committees such as Community Life,  Bldg & Grounds, 
Landscape Comm., Common House Comm.
   What is left over is marked as discretionary  funds, dispersed by 
community agreement.
  What about $$ for landscaping or site  changes, big items for the Common 
Furniture for outdoor seating, making changes as our  community evolves : 
such as kids yard changes  etc.
   We are about to create a voluntary contribution  fund for some of these.  
We have also had large contributions and donations  for specific items.
   I welcome all information.
Louise Harris

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