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From: Cher Stuewe Portnoff (cher710mchsi.com)
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:25:09 -0800 (PST)
Hello -- We are planning ahead for a Feb. trip around the mid-Atlantic states 
to get acquainted with cohousing communities, hoping to find a good match plus 
housing that is available within the next 12 mos. We can find communities 
listed in current books and on the cohousing association site. But we don't 
want to miss other possibilities along our route -- Columbia, MO, to Virginia, 
south to Atlanta, north to Burlington. If you live in/know of places that we 
might otherwise miss, we would appreciate hearing. (Of course, we will contact 
folks well before showing up.) 

We are in our 60's, healthy and active, experienced in consensus decisionmaking 
and sustainable living, with grandchildren who will visit when we find our new 
home. We can only (???) spend $175-225,000 for housing (already pre-approved), 
so much of the east and west coast cohousing is out of our league. 

We expect to make other regional trips later, unless we find "home" on this 
one. Let us know if you'd like additional info before responding. Thank you for 
any assistance you can give.

Greg & Cher 

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