hoa fees
From: Amy Dwyer (Amy.Dwyerkrcl.org)
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 16:30:31 -0800 (PST)
Hi, I have seen a few posts about this lately so sorry if it seems repetative, 
but I am looking for more responses online for fee comparisons from other 
similar cohousing communities (to Wasatch Commons in Salt Lake City) and it is 
proving to be more time consuming than I thought...
We are a 26 household condo community and the fees cover:
1.the exterior of your home (roof, deck, stucco, etc) 
2.common house (3500 sq.ft.) upkeep and expenses
3.common path/lands (~6 acres)
4.some landscaping
5.a workshop
6. committees
7. reserves
8. insurance
If anyone from this list has a minute, I would totally appreciate some data: (I 
will be compiling for the next couple of weeks so whenever you get a chance is 
great, and in the end if you want a copy of the info I have compiled I will 
happily share...)
Could you tell me what your fees are, if they go up yearly and by how much, 
what they cover, if there is a sweat equity component to them, and are they 
flat fees or square footage based, or both?
Our fees are between $101 and $138 a month ($65 flat fee and the rest per 
square foot) with $40/month a house going toward our reserves, 10/month to 
discretionary, and the rest operating. 
Amy Dwyer
Wasatch Commons Cohousing Community
Salt Lake City

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