Re: very small/ compact housing
From: Maggi Rohde (
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 07:06:15 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 17, 2006, at 3:13 PM, Lynn Nadeau wrote:

What is the smallest 2-3-4 BR housing in your experience that can "work"? "Work" meaning people don't then feel the need to build storage buildings, garages, or move away for lack of space. Do you live in a house that's particularly compact?

At Touchstone in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we have two very small units that are one floor finished (about 475 sqft) and one floor unfinished (either a walk-up attic or a basement). We finished our basement and now have about 800 sqft of living space for myself, my partner and our baby. The other very small unit is occupied by a single man and, sometimes, his two sons.

In my short time living here, the things that make our space work are:
- an open floor plan (sitting room attached to kitchen
- high ceilings (9' -- makes it much more spacious, plus we can get extra-tall cabinets in the kitchen and bath)
- closets and other storage in every possible nook and cranny

People who walk through say, "This isn't as small as I thought it would be!" =)

Touchstone Cohousing, Ann Arbor, MI

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