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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 09:59:15 -0800 (PST)
Dear List,
(PattyMara from Tierra Nueva, CenCA coast) Thanks, Sharon, for your tender 
response to the question about community supporting voluntary simplicity.  I 
especially loved the line about accepting that a mountain probably won't become 
a flamingo.  

There have been waves of "voluntary simplicity" that we've felt in our forming 
days, and after move-in as well, as folks move through their life cycles and as 
the group soul of Tierra Nueva shifts and settles. 

I've noticed a shadow side (the flamingo) to this attempt to simplify, which I 
have experienced from time to time.  That's when someone who has decided to 
live car-free has to beg rides and borrow cars and otherwise depend on those of 
us with not-yet-simple lifestyles. It cracks me up.  This is of course, one way 
community living can support the voluntary simplicity folks, and also an 
opportunity for the not-yet-simple to be both in service AND have clear 

Perhaps in communities where everyone is committed to a more simple life, there 
is a more synergy, I can't say.  Here at Tierra Nueva we have the full range, 
from lead-foots to the lightest of walkers on this lovely earth.  And from time 
to time, we all seem to ask for help from one another.  I know I sure 
appreciate my neighbor's huge sewing/art room when I need a place to spread out 
a big project.  And when we go camping I may borrow a neighbor's VW camper 
instead of sleeping in our tent on the ground.  Ah, luxury.

Tierra Nueva, Oceano, CA
feather to fire fire to blood blood to bone bone to marrow marrow to ashes 
ashes to snow.


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