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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 22:44:37 -0800 (PST)

I am uncertain about the term ''HOA''. In California, the CC&R's and Bylaws are the main parts of the "Governing Documents". Does your term HOA refer to the Bylaws?

Does Oregon give its common interest developments quite a bit of freedom in developing their own Governing Documents?

Norm Gauss
San Luis Obispo County, CA
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Hi -

We are composing our HOAs for our community in Ashland, Oregon. Much of our
HOAs have already been composed, and this largely includes boilerplate
stuff. I am wondering if one or two groups would be willing to make their
HOAs available to us to review. There is nothing like learning from the
experience of those who have gone before us. I suspect there may be some
specific ideas/rules/restrictions that coho communities have added, or wish
they'd thought of previously.
We will be a 13 unit community on one and one third acres in a small,
well-heeled college town. We are in a residential area. We are townhouses,
not condos. Our HOAs are not easily changed after-the-fact, and must be
completed for the Planning Board before breaking ground (which is soon).
Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help.

- Doug Huston (Fordyce Street Cohousing Community)

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