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From: Dave and Diane (
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 11:31:12 -0800 (PST)
Hi everyone,
We did the same thing as Rosewind Cohousing. We have a lot of the typical boilerplate legal jargon in our condo docs but there are also specific references to cohousing, the consensus process, our Transfer Fee, the Right of First Refusal, and the process for modifying a unit, among other things. Bylaws also mention monthly work expectations.

At the bottom is a little paragraph in our master deed stating:

This Master Deed is set forth to comply with the requirements of Chapter 183A of the Massachusetts General Laws. In case any of the provisions stated above conflict with the provisions of said Chapter 183A, the provisions of said Chapter 183A shall control."

Our condo docs were run past two lawyers to make sure all the language complied with state law. We are organized as a condominium, so we knew we had to comply with Chapter 183A, but at the same time we had heard about the horrible Rosewind experience with the "buyer from hell" so we wanted to make sure that anyone who bought through a real estate agent would at least realize what they were getting themselves into when they saw the the condo docs.

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Subject: [C-L]_ Re: CC&Rs, bylaws, etc
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"Most CC&R's ... In fact, much of what is in this document will have no
connection to your day to day life as a community, and this is OK. ..."

It's rare that I differ in opinion from Rob Sandelin, but here I do. In the case of RoseWind, for example, if someone resells without going through the community, as can happen, or if someone buys in without getting an adequate sense of the community, then the only thing we KNOW they have in hand is our legal documents which "run with the deed." We want there to be enough in our Bylaws and CC&Rs to aid at least somewhat in the self selection/deselection

Our documents include matters that do affect how we deal with things, such as decision making, conflict resolution, quorum, use of commons, and such.

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