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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 12:03:05 -0800 (PST)

If you have digital copies of those documents and if it's not too much
trouble, you I get copies?  I'm with some people who are looking at
creating community and it would be good if we had some passable docs to
work from.  "No sense re-inventing the wheel," they say.

I'd appreciate it.


Dave and Diane wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We did the same thing as Rosewind Cohousing. We have a lot of the
> typical boilerplate legal jargon in our condo docs but there are also
> specific references to cohousing, the consensus process, our Transfer
> Fee, the Right of First Refusal, and the process for modifying a unit,
> among other things. Bylaws also mention monthly work expectations.
> At the bottom is a little paragraph in our master deed stating:
> "24.Conflicts:
> This Master Deed is set forth to comply with the requirements of
> Chapter 183A of the Massachusetts General Laws.  In case any of the
> provisions stated above conflict with the provisions of said
> Chapter 183A, the provisions of said Chapter 183A shall control."
> Our condo docs were run past two lawyers to make sure all the language
> complied with state law. We are organized as a condominium, so we knew
> we had to comply with Chapter 183A, but at the same time we had heard
> about the horrible Rosewind experience with the "buyer from hell" so we
> wanted to make sure that anyone who bought through a real estate agent
> would at least realize what they were getting themselves into when they
> saw the the condo docs.
> --Diane(:^|
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> On Sat, 25 Feb 2006, at 18:55:24, Lynn Nadeau wrote:
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>> From: "Lynn Nadeau" <welcome [at]>
>> Subject: [C-L]_ Re: CC&Rs, bylaws, etc
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>> "Most CC&R's ... In fact, much of what is in this document will have no
>> connection to your day to day life as a community, and this is OK. ..."
>> It's rare that I differ in opinion from Rob Sandelin, but here I do.
>> In the
>> case of RoseWind, for example, if someone resells without going
>> through the
>> community, as can happen, or if someone buys in without getting an
>> adequate
>> sense of the community, then the only thing we KNOW they have in hand
>> is our
>> legal documents which "run with the deed." We want there to be enough
>> in our
>> Bylaws and CC&Rs to aid at least somewhat in the self
>> selection/deselection
>> process.
>> Our documents include matters that do affect how we deal with things,
>> such
>> as decision making, conflict resolution, quorum, use of commons, and
>> such.
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