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Something I haven't read about or heard about from current CH residents is
a worry that "I would have" living in an elder-only community: a
relatively short remaining lifespan would increase the frequency of folks
dieing around me.

I know.  I know.  "We're all dieing."  That isn't the point.  I don't plan
to spend my remaining years `practicing' for it.

I, too, like the peace, gentility, sharing the unstated similarity of
life's past experiences (wisdom) with agemates.  Even sharing the sadness
and loss of neighbors dieing in a way that couldn't be shared with younger
folks.  But ....

I want messy diapers, screaming kids, school and teaching stuff, watching
frenetic 10 year olds begin to smell, get pimples, walk with a menacing
roll as they turn 14 or 15!

Actually, I know an 85 year old at our community who walks with a menacing
roll (Roofwalker!! My role model!!  I want to grow up to BE LIKE HIM!!!!)
and has more energy than 10 twenty-five year olds lined up in a row.  So
... I guess I can't really overgeneralize.

I'm just as prepared to deal with the fellow across the pedway who drank
too much last night as I am to deal with the fellow around the bend who
has mistakenly doubled all the pills he had to take yesterday.

I'm as prepared to deal with a 15 year old with shades of pink, orange,
blue and purple hair as I am to deal with a guy who wears purple socks and

I'd be as excited about building a skateboard park in the community as I
am --- no, actually, I'd be more excited about a skateoard park in the
community --- as I am about the community hot tub.

- Dan

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