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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 10:19:29 -0800 (PST)
Dear Diana,
Greetings!  In response to your questions about service I'll give you an 
overview of how we at Tierra Nueva walk our talk.  On a community level, we 
have been active community environmental warriors.  As you know, that story is 
told in Dave Wann's new compendium of stories from the pathways of cohousing.  
We spent a whole year meeting with other neighborhoods surrounding our local 
farm field, documented the illnesses caused by pesticide drift, worked within 
the system to change the farm to a pesticide-free community supported 
agriculture farm.  Every friday now, we walk through the fields, pick up our 
share baskets and enjoy unbelieveably delicious fruit and vegies and flowers.  

We also have a food drive collection every holiday season, nine years now, 
which we deliver to our local harvest basket/food bank.  We host political 
gatherings and debates in our Common House, lead peace marches in the 
surrounding towns and serve on several advisory boards for the local 

Individually, we have a homeschooling family who deliver Meals on Wheels once a 
week to 7 or 8 homebound seniors in town, host foreign exchange students, work 
with local chapters of NOW, CodePink, Green Party, Empty Bowls (Food Bank), 
Earth Day coalitions, and probably many more I can't remember.  

Patty Mara Gourley
Tierra Nueva Cohousing, Oceano, CA
feather to fire fire to blood blood to bone bone to marrow marrow to ashes 
ashes to snow.

-- Communities Magazine <christian_d1 [at]> wrote:
Dear Readers of Cohousig_L:

        Can you please recommend to me?and send an email address?of   
specific cohousing communities you know about which either do service  
for others as a community?

        Or contact info about  _invididuals_ in a community who do service  
for others?

        I ask because we've received very few responses to my Call for  
Articles for the summer issue of Communities magazine on Good Works  
in community.
         I now need to write to specific individuals in specific communities  
to see if I can induce more folks to write articles.

        Here's what it says in the Call for Articles:

This is a Call for Articles for our Summer 2006 issue, ?Good Works:  
Communities in Service to Others,? out in June.

             Has your community gone out of its way to be of service  
in some way; for example, benefiting the environment, or helping  
people in need? Or have members of your community individually  
supported a service effort or created their own service project? Some  
communities (or individual community members) have supported relief  
efforts for tsunami victims or Katrina victims, set up soup kitchens  
for the homeless, or offer help to Central American political  
refugees. If you or your community has a story like this to tell,  
we?d like to share it with our readers.

       The deadline for finished articles is March 27,  2006.

        Thank you very much for any help you can send my way. I appreciate it!

        Diana Leafe Christian,
        Editor, Communities 
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