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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 07:57:08 -0800 (PST)
I'd love to have out presentation available as a download. I offered this to a long time ago, but they never followed up on it. I should update it a little more.


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Thanks to those who have volunteered to send us a Powerpoint presentation
for us to use to represent to the uninitiated the basics of cohousing.  We
could still use a few more.

Since one of the founding principles of the National organization as I
understand it is not to re-invent sliced bread, I suggest we upload the best
of our presentations for free download from

In comparison, I have also been researching Traditional Neighborhood Design
for a parallel effort I am working on in our town, to complement and be
adjacent to our hoped-for cohousing community.  Compared to cohousing I
found a huge wealth of information with which to educate about TND.  Cf. for example,
which has two free TND powerpoint presentations that are downloadable.
There are many others out there.

There are also many model zoning ordinances and a wealth of other materials
such as TND site plans.

I think we can do better than we are if we pool our individual resources and make them available on and include more of what has been done
in the individual, especially completed, communities.

For example, I would love to see floorplans of many of the communities or
their site plans. These are not always available on web sites of the
communities. Also, brochures and flyers could be uploaded to our central
site.  Sometimes these are available if individual communities are asked,
but we could better help the fledgling communities that are trying to get
built by pooling much more of the excellent work that has already been done.

If there is interest in this idea, I'll upload the Powerpoint presentations
after I've collected them.

Tom Hammer
Concord Village
--still searching for land in Chester County, PA

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