Re: re: powerpoint presentation
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 08:15:19 -0800 (PST)
On Mar 9, 2006, at 7:56 AM, Laura Fitch wrote:
I'd love to have out presentation available as a download. I offered this to a long time ago, but they never followed up on it. I should update it a little more.


We'd love to have it too, and with the recent site revamp, we think we've got just the place for it. We'll follow up off-list on the logistics, as we always want to make sure valuable resources like this get posted with proper attribution, credit, context, and appreciation, as well as clear terms of use / license arrangements... for instance, a Creative Commons ( ) "some rights reserved" type of license that lets people take pieces of it to create their own presentations... so long as they contribute back what they create so the pool keeps growing. Something like this can be a powerful carrot, and cohousing can be a great context for sharing and helping each other, between as well as within communities.

Raines Cohen, boardmember, Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)

Still settling in at Berkeley (CA) cohousing, where our cat-sitters have already visited the community... for a house concert by a band that includes another community member. Small World!

Finally getting around to selling my studio loft condo at Swan's Market Cohousing in Oakland: the first resale in three years! First voluntary resale in the community's whole six years in residence! North America's most urban cohousing community, 12 minutes subway from downtown San Francisco:

Also: we're gearing up to visit Austin (TX) this weekend for the SXSW conference, and hopefully meeting up with some cohousers there; next week, Betsy and I are off to Anaheim (CA), where we're coordinating a booth all about "Aging In Community" at the American Society on Aging/ National Conference on Aging joint conference, and arranging appearances by Senior Cohousing book author Chuck Durrett of The Cohousing Co.

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