consensus process - decisions/changes
From: JSutcliffe2005 (
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 10:48:35 -0800 (PST)
Hello -

In our January meeting, a decision was reached and written on paper in front of 
the room.  The minutes were distributed with the decision as made in the 
meeting however the relevant proposal had different wording (the decision said, 
"adult" and the proposal said, "12yo and older").

That discrepancy was brought to the attention of the minute taker and he 
changed the decision to reflect the proposal's language.

At the February meeting, the Jan. minutes were approved with the change to the 
decision.  (Only 2 of the 8 people at the January meeting were among the 8 
people at the February meeting - one was the facilitator and the other took 

Now we are coming up to our March meeting and there is disagreement over 
whether this is a 'procedural issue' with a proposal to return to the original 
January decision OR a time to re-visit the topic of the original proposal and 
re-hash it since there is dissatisfaction with it OR a 'too bad' the Feb. crew 
approved the Jan. minutes, period. OR......???

Experiences?  Thoughts?

Thank you,
Catoctin Creek Village
Loudoun County, VA

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