Re: workshare
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 21:37:16 -0800 (PST)

How does your community set workshare hour requirements?  By household, >period?
By number of adults in the household?  By number of persons over >12yo?

RoseWind Cohousing here, Port Townsend Washington, long established. In brief, we have no set number of hours, nor any participation requirements. After about 15 years, we finally passed a participation proposal that says people are "expected" to participate, especially in the work of maintaining the commons and common house, as well as an invitation to work on committees, cook, and such. We participate because it's evident that it's the only way stuff will get done! We mainly try to make it interesting and attractive. We keep trying different ways, for example, to do work parties for the grounds and the common house. Tonight we had a pretty good turnout for a short clean up of the common house: at 430 a cook crew started on pizza making. 5-630 a bunch of us worked, then had yummy homemade pizza (with custom toppings as each person's order was taken!), and then watched Stepping Into Liquid, with amazing surfing cinematography. Windows got washed, bathrooms scrubbed, electrical stuff fixed, tables washed, floors and cobwebs vac'd. There was some mowing and outdoor work too. We felt particularly good cleaning up the place because tomorrow night is a memorial gathering for a member's mom. The family won't have to do any cleaning to have the space spic and span. At the EcoVillage where I also participate, in the planning phases, with some farming already happening, the approximate expectation is ten hours a month besides the weekly meeting. So committee work, farm work, research.

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