Re: Not Enough Privacy in Cohousing?
From: ken (
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 15:17:08 -0800 (PST)

> "Jeanne Goodman, JP Cohousing" <goodmanj [at]> wrote:
> ....
> This post will definitely make me think twice before I dare to ask someone 
> if their guest was a date. I think it's hard to know when that kind of thing 
> steps over the line of asking as friends who share information about what's 
> going on in their lives versus sounding like a gossip.

That would be a good policy.  On the other hand, if everyone already
knows that your date last night is all the talk, then it's a little like
ignoring the elephant in the livingroom.  The silence about it would be
deafening.  My feeling is that the problem originates more in that
there's not enough people in that community who are dating.  If everyone
was doing the same, then it wouldn't be a big deal.  But if you're the
only one in the community having romantic overnighters, then you're
going to have a spotlight on you whether anyone talks about it or not.
Of course having the topic verbalized doesn't make it any better.

"This world ain't big enough for the both of us,"
said the big noema to the little noema.

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