Re: Re: Cohousing-L Digest, Vol 26, Issue 49 (Big cohousing)
From: Lion Kuntz (
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 01:19:55 -0800 (PST)
Replies to Ann Bodine, Doug Woodard, Jock Coats, Christine
Johnson,  Katie:

--- Ann Bodine <abodine999 [at]> wrote:

> Hi, Lion.  I notice you say that nearest cohousing
> community to Santa Rosa is Frog Song in Cotati.  Are
> you aware of Yulupa Cohousing IN Santa Rosa?  
> --Ann Bodine
> Yulupa Cohousing, Santa Rosa

I've seen the buildings, but I didn't know it was co-housing. I
shop on Yulupa street from time to time. You can't help but
notice the buildings.

--- dwoodard [at] wrote:

> Lion, I've read that some apartment buildings in Sweden have
> been
> converted to cohousing. I have no idea how they did it or how
> successful
> the projects were, but I suspect that you would be well
> advised to find
> out.

I will try to find out. Thanks for suggestion.

--- Jock Coats
<jock.coats [at]> wrote:

> There are some big schemes mentioned in the Co-Housing Book
> aren't  
> there - into the hundreds of households in some cases.

Unless there are members here, I don't have ready access to ask
them anything.

--- Christine Johnson <manzjohnson [at]> wrote:

> I love it.   I hate it.   In the cohousing literature, there
> are 
> repeated references to size and 36 households is mentioned
> often as an 
> upper limit.   In my community, we've pushed that limit to 48 
> households.   We'll see how it goes!  We're just a year and a
> half old.

> Garrett Hardin takes a global view in describing the tragedy
> but as is 
> said, "the political is personal"  Please see:

Than you for comments. I did read the link. I would beg for some
patience while I see if additional comments are coming before
attempting to describe where I have differences with the author.
That article is from 1968, and we have all had time to think
about what was said since then. Perhaps Hardin himself would
write it differently nearly 40 years later.

--- katie-henry [at] wrote:

> My community, Eastern Village Cohousing in Silver Spring, MD
> (on the edge of DC), is probably as close to this model as
> you'll find in the U.S. We have 56 units in the cohousing
> community, plus another 11 units that are being sold for mixed
> use (some are going residential, some office), in a four-story
> multi-family building in an urban area with no onsite parking
> (we use an adjacent county parking garage). 
> I'm a building geek and not a process person, so I have no
> brilliant insights to offer about how well our community
> works. (Not that well, in my opinion, with size being an
> important factor, but also speed of development and nature of
> the DC economy, where a number of residents just wanted a
> condo. But this is my only cohousing community, so I have no
> grounds for comparison.)
> The mixed-use aspect is irrelevant unless (1) you are
> expecting the cohousing community to own and operate the
> building, including managing the commercial space, or (2) the
> customers or occupants of the commercial space will be sharing
> space with the cohousing community (beyond possibly a common
> lobby). In any urban area you will find highrise buildings
> that have commercial/public uses on the ground floor and
> condos/apartments on the upper floors. With proper attention
> to the details (security, noise control, prevention of smells
> and pests from food-related businesses, etc.), this type of
> arrangement can work well for everyone.

Thanks for the response, which is a characteristically urban
response. Rural areas are still struggling whether to approve
townhouses or multifamily buildings in their zoning, let alone
ready to share a lobby entrance between commercial and
residential sections I believe.

I have not responded to specific points made, since anything I
may say might change the question from what it was to something
different. There may still be some people who could reply with
fresh perspective of the Bigness question, although with 100
mails a week on the list the question will be washed downstream
by new topics shortly I'm sure. Then, I may use your combined
responses and some replies to again dip into the well of group
wisdom for some more help in trying to design a better living
experience for more people, while avoiding some pitfalls that
have been discovered by some of you and elsewhere.

Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Sonoma County, California, USA

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