Re: Security camera signs
From: Lyle Scheer (
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:08:18 -0800 (PST)
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I don't know about that... Costco has some nice looking security systems
that start at about $700, which includes 4 wireless cameras and a base
box with computer and hard drive and firmware that automatically archive
the video, let you log in if you have the password, and basically do
everything for you.  I would think building this from piece parts would
cost just as much and then you would have to write the code to handle
all of it.

- - Lyle

Lion Kuntz wrote:
> Security cameras, sold as such, are high priced even for the
> cheaper B&W models, whereas webcams are cheap for color models.
> If you want to see a PC in a lunchox that can power webcams, try
> this one...
> 4 GB flash memory for $70 and you can skip the harddrive power
> loads and run it off solar-charged batteries...
> You can also dedicate obsolte old computers to this job instead.
> They are so cheap you can watch the baby sleep on one window,
> see who's at the front door on another window, watch the twins
> in the yard on a  third window, and do picturephone with the
> neighbor on a fourth window, on the same computer you are
> reading this now.
> Suddenly, it's not just many eyes of the community, but each
> member of the community has twenty eyes each. And that is going
> to be true whenever any individual starts hanging cameras
> whether the committee approves paying for it or not, or
> individuals start voting with their Visa cards. That goes for
> condos, apartments, co-ops or co-housing, in cities,
> developments or lone wolves powered off-grid solar-wind in the
> outback.
> Suddenly it's getting harder and harder to make a living as an
> outlaw.
> ... Lion K.
> --- Rob Sandelin <floriferous [at]> wrote:
>> In a study done in New Jersey, a high crime area had theft
>> reduced by 74%
>> over two years after putting up signs that stated the area was
>> under
>> surveilance cameras. The area actually had no cameras, it was
>> part of the
>> study. The site which had cameras and a sign had similar
>> results, a site
>> which had cameras but no sign had no better results than the
>> control site
>> which had neither camera or signs. I read about this in US
>> News and World
>> Report in the library sometime before Christmas. 
>> So maybe putting up surveilance camera signs might be helpful.
>> Or maybe
>> crooks read the same report..... 
>> Rob Sandelin
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