Re: Security camera signs
From: Lyle Scheer (
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 20:47:19 -0800 (PST)
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Lion Kuntz wrote:
> Agreed that there are whole packages, but some other things
> should be considered.

Yes, I agree you can piece it together, possibly much cheaper, possibly not.

I consider my time valuable, at least $50 an hour.  This means I would
rather pay $100 for a solution instead of investing two hours at it.

Personally, I would claim that putting together a system from parts and
making sure it is both secure and reliable would take more than two hours.

Wireless hubs/repeaters go for about $60-$70... if you can still get the
WRT54G you can throw linux on it and do a bunch of custom things to it.
 For 4 wireless cameras... that's $240.  It starts adding up quickly,
and you still need to configure and make work each single component.

I would still go for the costco $799 solution over a home-brew.  Perhaps
that's just me, but there might be others out there like me that
wouldn't want to hassle.  I work in the computer industry, I plan on
setting up and running a local firewalled LAN for my co-housing
community.  I would still purchase this solution unless I was really
into getting all the pieces working.  It would also come with a warranty
and customer support for the system solution, which is valuable if you
aren't into dealing with the minutiae.

- - Lyle
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