Re: higher density cohousing
From: Lion Kuntz (
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 00:46:00 -0800 (PST)
Dear Grace

Than you for many good ideas and leads for me to check on. As
you response indicates, the possibility of more responses from
the first inquiry have not ceased.

I have a concept which I feel is good, and worth building. While
it is three years in it's current incarnation I feel that the
past 40 years were all work leading up to knowing how to do

I think it was the right choice to not paint a picture and put
out a request for comments of a specific configuration, because
I wouldn't have learned things I am learning from responders who
have answered.

I am double-checking, triple-checking, dotting all the "i"s and
crossing all the "t"s. The building premise is so dominating
that the real goal of housing people in community is not the
first item that gets discussed. Where I am going is social
architecture -- the building is real enough but it is just the
background scenery where 10,000 human dramas will play out over
the design lifetime of 100 years service life. The better I do
on my part, the more interesting all those life stories will be
long after I'm dust.

I will correspond further, and thank you for ideas.

Lion Kuntz
Sonoma County, California, USA

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